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About Us

Wisebox Studio is a small family business that aims at helping other businesses thrive by simplifying what Design is and what can do for them!

After working many years for different companies, Ana decided in 2018 to start her own journey to be able to reach as many different businesses as possible.

We believe in what good design can do for your business and transform the way you communicate to your audience, as well as your team. 

From internal order requests, reports or even price lists, the way a team communicates reflects how the business operates. This translates on how customers see you. 

We’re specialists in brand development and how to implement marketing strategies to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today and find out what we can do to help your brand thrive.

Our Vision

Bring simplicity to how you think about design.

We want to improve your business communication skills, external and internal. The way we communicate reflects the efficiency of our company.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”
Dale Carnegie

Who we are

John Duarte

Head of Marketing & Sales

John has extensive experience in Marketing and Sales and specialises in B2B, customer experience and attracting new clients.

He will be your first point of call and he will make sure you’re well looked after.

John comes from a small family business background and has worked with major brands like charity Age UK, the NHS and John Lewis.

Ana Neto

Creative Manager

With a background in Graphic Design, Ana made her way through different businesses: corporate event companies, marketing agencies and other small businesses, gaining experience in many areas allowing her contact with major brands like Huawei, Typhoo and Arizona.

She’s an expert in brand development and she’s looking forward to work with yours!

We are ready for your success. Are you?

Get ready to unlock the full potential of your brand. Send us an email or call us to find out what we can do to develop your brand for success.