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Get your brand ready for success

Wisebox Studio offers over 15 years of experience in designing and developing brands for success in all types of businesses.

About Wisebox Studio

We’ve worked with many brands over the years, from blue chip companies to small businesses around the corner. We’re specialists in brand planning and development and we’ll make sure that your business stands out from the crowd. We love brand consistency, so even if you’re thinking about little things, we will make sure they stay on brand with what you have already built.

Our Services

Brand Development

Complete brand transformation for your business, from project planning to its final delivery.

Graphic Design

No task is too small for our Graphic department. Business cards, logos, vehicle branding, you name it and we'll design it!

Web Design

User Experience development and theme design as well as design of businesses first point of contact website.

Social Media

Consultation, orientation and post design. Marketing development and growth of your social media presence.

A professional when you need one

Peace of mind that your brand is in good hands. We’re experienced professionals that have worked with all types of businesses and helped them grow. 

You will not be disappointed, your business is our priority, always.

Why work with us...


Years of experience supported by University degrees in Design and MBA in Graphic Technologies


We have experience with all sorts of business in all different markets


Knowledge of markets in different countries will help propel your brand.


With training in Graphic Design, Photography, 3D Sketches, Video, Marketing and Project Planning

Client Testimonials

“Ana is a highly talented and creative individual who is able to design stunningly eye catching work time and time again. She is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and think out the box to achieve what is asked if her (and more).

I fully endorse her capabilities as a design and marketing manager and would recommend her to any company.”
Gareth Newton
Marketing Campaign Manager at Inntravel, UK
“Ana agreed to do a non-profit collaboration with Sun Valley International School, Phom Penh Cambodia.

SVIS management was very pleased with Ana's work, and what started as one time collaboration has turned into a business relationship where whenever there's an issue of any kind, we contact Ana directly to help us solve it.

SVIS highly recommends Ana's works not only for the quality of her work but also because of her multicultural understanding of different market needs."
Sun Valley International School
Phom Penh, Cambodia
“An extremely talented and creative individual that was instrumental in taking our design department to a new level.

She was a great team member, a good friend and colleague, and always has a lot to offer. I was sad when she decided to move on. She was a great asset to the company and I would wholeheartedly have no hesitation recommending her to anyone.”
Jon Bloom
Sales Manager at Link Communication, UK

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